Travelers searching for unique and inspiring experiences, focused on personalization and self discovery will find Sumba’s spiritual roots, ancient rituals, uncrowded waves, white sand beaches, soft inland adventure, and striking, largely unexplored natural setting a breath of fresh air.

Set on two kilometers of stunning Sumbanese coastline, The Sanubari is a reference that nature based tourism done right can have a positive impact on the larger community. We are active in preserving their cultural heritage, natural landscape and inspiring the next generation to flourish.


The resort grounds sit alongside some of the finest beaches in the world. There are seven beaches immediately in front of our land or very close by. Guests will often have a beach to themselves for the day, enjoying a sense of remoteness rarely found in the world today. Private sunset dinners can be arranged for those special occasions, or simply because you want to.


Un-crowded Indonesian quality waves are a plenty on this enchanting part of the sumbanese coastline. We have three waves out the front of the resort and many other options within a 15-minute boat ride. Longer boat trips can be arranged opening up a plethora of empty lineups both up and down the coast to accommodate the experienced surfer.


The clean waters of the Indian ocean that lap the Sumbanese coastline is home to a wide variety of Fish.With Mahi Mahi, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, sailfish and many others waiting your half or full day experience. Our chef will then prepare a feast with your fresh catch to enjoy with our locally sourced and grown seasonal produce, sure to please the food lover. Washed down with some wine or beer over some of the best sunsets you’ll see.

Trekking and Excursions

No matter your level or desire, we have you covered. From an easy meander across our 140 hectare sanctuary to half day adventures through the rugged mesmerizing landscape of Sumba, and everything in-between. Stunning vistas and magical moments are guaranteed.


Sumba is one of the last remaining cultures to practice the Marapu (Marafu in Sumba) religion, a form of ancestral worship. It’s traditional beliefs are still followed closely, but with ninety percent of Sumbanese having converted to Christianity, they have found a way to weave their ancient practices with the new. Clusters of thatched peak roof's dot the landscape as they would have centuries ago. Our work with local Kampungs (villages) has given the ability bring limited numbers of guest to experience their daily life, and occasionally their sacred rituals and ceremonies.