In Sumba many people live without clean water, electricity, and enough food to feed their family. The education and health care is of the lowest standards in the Indonesia.

The effects of this are devastating, Sumba has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the Indonesia due to a lack of basic medicines we take for granted in the western world.

Malnutrition a serious issue due to the low levels of food diversity and volume they can either afford to buy or grow.

This has a devastating flow on effect on effects of physical and intellectual development. Mothers that are starved of nutrient and therefore milk to feed their babies will often turn to tea and sugar as a replacement. Unfortunately widely available pre packaged genetically modified processed junk high in sugar and chemicals have become a staple in their diets almost from birth.

Creating food and water security, along with better sanitation practices is our highest immediate priority.

Through consultation with local village leaders the foundation is set up to help develop the essentials for health, wellness and education to give future generations the skills and knowledge to build an empowered thriving self sufficient community while protecting their cultural heritage.